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Time is money — five ways waste balers can streamline warehouse operations

The shifting environmental landscape in 2024 and beyond

Greenwashing, greenhushing, and… greenkeeping

Tackling plastic pollution with a Riverside waste baler

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Waste balers and occupational health and safety: ensuring a safe workplace

Inspiring initiatives that shaped World Environment Day 2023

The seven most common reasons waste balers break down

A meeting with a waste professional… Peter Vernon

10 environmental trends to look out for in 2023

A reflection on 2022 and what’s in store for 2023

A meeting with a waste professional… Julie Cassidy

What is ‘greenwashing’ and how can it be avoided?

10 ways to keep your baler in optimum working condition

Spotlighting our machines at a Riverside filming day

UK branch of AST Plastic Containers further boosts recycling agenda with Riverside baler

A meeting with a waste professional…Pam Knight of Flame UK

Deposit return schemes – will they revolutionise how we recycle?

How online retailing is increasing carbon emissions

The use of biodegradable plastics for packaging

A look back on 2020 and a Christmas message…

Cardboard box manufacturer invests in Riverside compactor

Machine of the month – November – RWM 200 Multi

Why are so many people getting recycling wrong?

Machine of the month – September – RWM 40

A – COVID-style – week in the life of Riverside’s MD

Waste management during COVID 19 – what’s important?

Why operator training should not be overlooked

Machine of the month – March – RWM CE32/30

Baler or compactor – what’s best for your business?

Machine of the month – February – RWM CE2000

Global manufacturer introduces baling to business

Why a wider waste debate is getting shrink-wrapped in plastic

Machine of the month – January – RWM CE3000

Riverside introduces dedicated compacting division

Baler of the month – December – RWM 200 Multi

Jonathan Oldfield in Business Link’s ‘Time Out’

A huge Riverside welcome to our latest engineer

Topic UK’s ‘Out of Office’ with Jonathan Oldfield

Wetherby Group invests in new baling technology

Riverside signs up to support the Armed Forces

World Heritage site Fountains Abbey boosts recycling capabilities

Hire vs Purchase – how to procure waste machinery in 2019

Why is 2019 looking like ‘the year of the rental’?

Make baler maintenance a priority in 2019 with our 10% OFF offer

Baler of the month – January – RWM Bag Press

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Furniture manufacturer invests in Riverside baler

Riverside marks ‘coming of age’ with biggest year for technology to date

Baler of the month – December – RWM 240l Bin Press

Riverside provides FREE guidance on making more money with a waste baler

Baler of the month – October – RWM Glass Crusher

Baler of the month – September – RWM500 LH

Fancy a brew? Free Yorkshire Tea on offer during August!

International manufacturer invests in Riverside

Agricultural firm opts to remain baling with Riverside

‘Baler’ of the month – April – Bag stand

Guest blog – why did plastics feature in the Spring Statement?

Baler of the month – March – RWM Bag Press

Academy gets an education in the benefits of baling

Baler of the month – February – RWM HZ50T

Why will customer service matter more in 2018?

Printing company returns to Riverside for baling needs

What’s on the horizon for waste baling in 2018?

Christmas comes early for Riverside Waste Machinery customers

Baler of the month – November – RWM 40PET Compact

Data centre equipment specialist opts to bale with Riverside

Riverside launches new baler for space-restricted sites

Baling specialist expands team with new appointment

Baler of the month – September – RWM Drum Press

Spot the difference – brand new baler VS refurbished baler

Riverside waste baler supplied in kit-form jigsaw

Riverside launches infographic to celebrate 20 years

What’s the difference between baler wire and baler twine?

Can balers handle the complexity of modern recycling challenges?

A fond farewell to a familiar face at Riverside

Baler of the month – February – RWM 60 HD

Yorkshire-based catering butcher invests in baler to help environment and boost business

Baler of the month – January – RWM 75 Multi Chamber

Riverside launches final 2016 promotion – 10% off waste baler consumables

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Baler of the month – November – RWM 550 HD

Footwear manufacturer boosts environmental agenda with baling of leather

Riverside reveals infographic to tell cardboard baler ROI story

Which waste baler consumables are right for my machine?

Waste baler training boosts skill-sets and safety

Eight years of baling and counting for Momentive

Top 10 Tips to devise a new on-site recycling strategy

Waste balers – where do they fit in the recovered fibre jigsaw?

Why is now the right time to buy a cardboard baler?

Baling technology strengthens National Nuclear Laboratory’s waste reduction programme

Could you help the plastics recycling ‘quantum leap’?

Guest blog: Brexit reaction from UNTHA UK’s Marcus Brew

Top 10 Tips… to devise your own recycling strategy

Edmundson Electrical invests in waste baler in quest to ‘go green’

Yorkshire recycling specialist maintains safety top spot

Why is there so much conversation about cardboard?

Secured Mail introduces new recycling station

Soft drinks littering – widening our understanding

Does the waste sector need a little more ‘harmony’?

Farming specialist says no to landfill, with help of Riverside baler

Motor manufacturer boosts recycling agenda with Riverside waste baler

How will an EU exit affect the UK waste and recycling industry?

Remember recycling when looking forward in 2016

Riverside celebrates successful year with waste baling giveaway

We must protect waste crime budget from Government cuts

Who is responsible for driving recycling progress?

From the archives: Print business chooses Riverside baler

From the archives: Produce importer comments on Riverside baler

Riverside supports Thrombosis UK fundraising campaign

Retail sector witnesses recycling step-change

Top 10 Tips when investing in waste machinery

The waste hierarchy – are businesses doing enough?

New waste consultancy service to empower recycling sector

What impact is the Chinese economy having on UK plastics recycling?

The long-term littering saga – do charity’s efforts hold the answer?

Yorkshire recycling specialist secures top safety accreditation

New waste baler is money saving asset for Yorkshire engineering specialist

Riverside MD Jonathan Oldfield steps into the spotlight

Does geography matter when it comes to recycling

Guest Blog: Not long to claim 500,000 capital allowances on plant and machinery

Produce importer comments on Riverside waste balers

Riverside predicts shredder baler system will be hottest product for 2015

Sustainable thinking leads to money in our back pockets

Financial year end prompts waste baling investments

Yorkshire business turns to neighbouring Riverside for new waste balers

Riverside’s Jonathan Oldfield shares business views

Manufacturer turns to Riverside for waste baler expertise

Tis the season to be jolly, so here are our opening times

Signage specialist invests in Riverside waste baler

Waste baler servicing…finding the right approach

Returning economic confidence brings more waste baler enquiries

Waste management solution from Riverside helps create local jobs

Brand new baler unveiled by Riverside Waste Machinery

Baled waste is just the start of landfill avoidance

Billon turnover grocer chooses Riverside Waste Machinery

Exciting start to 2014 for Riverside Waste Machinery

UK waste sector must do more to meet five year plastic packaging recycling targets

From waste baling to household refuse collections, it all counts

Waste baling could provide valuable solution and cost benefits to Scottish businesses

Waste baling is still the safest option for recycling centres

Bag for life or just a cupboard full of good intent

Waste Management Industry Growth Figures Confirmed

New waste baler strengthens Riverside’s heavy duty capabilities

Momentum needed for UK to hit 2020 recycling targets

Capital allowances offer added incentive to purchase Riverside waste baler

Purchasing a waste baler…Riverside provides finance options to suit all

Getting to know Riverside Waste Machinery’s newest horizontal baler

Pride in the UK’s pioneering plastics plant

Government not doing enough to raise awareness of recycling targets

Paper and board guidance sheds light on much-debated industry issue

Energy from Waste (EfW) progress continues…

WEEE recycling taking great leaps in right direction

RWM and Futuresource merger a positive step for industry

First UK installation for UNTHA TR Series shredder at new HW Martin RDF facility

Riverside to Provide Complete Solution at RWM 2010

New system for dealing with confidential waste brings a trio of benefits to Derby Hospital’s NHS Foundation Trust

Efficiency, Cost-saving and Profitability Consultations at Futuresource

To Shred or not to Shred your Confidential Waste

Riverside Reveals Revolutionary Waste Technology at RWM

Riverside Sells the New UNTHA XR Series Shredder

Our aftersales support

A number of organisations – especially those making the first step to improve their waste handling capabilities – are a little apprehensive about what happens after their investment in a waste baler. What if their plant manager gets a new job and there’s a knowledge gap? What if they make a mistake and a small repair is needed? These worries are perhaps natural, but there’s really nothing to panic about.

Firstly, our waste balers are incredibly easy to use, but secondly, our baling engineers will be with you every step of the way, long after the initial procurement. Providing training, service and maintenance expertise, spare parts or simply a waste handling review, we’ll help you maximise the return from your investment, for years to come.

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