Five benefits of cardboard baling

Five benefits of cardboard baling

Businesses of many shapes and sizes all over the world generate a huge amount of waste cardboard and, for numerous organisations it can become a logistical headache to decide what to do with this material once the volume starts piling up.

It can sometimes seem like the easiest option to simply dispose of it quickly, however, there’s a better option which can save you time, resources, and even generate an income — bale it!

Cardboard balers are useful machines for organisations that generate large quantities of waste. And with a number of different systems capable of tackling the job at hand, the pros of investing in a baler are vast. Here are a number of benefits that these machines can present to your business.

1. Minimising transportation

Unsurprisingly, compacted and baled waste can be transported more efficiently than loose materials. By reducing the number of unnecessary journeys as well as vehicles coming onto site, and maximising individual loads you will start to see a huge return on your investment and reduce your environmental impact — which in turn will allow you to focus on the ‘bigger picture’ elements of running the business. Plus, the fewer journeys made, the higher the material value.

2. Reducing cross-contamination

Baling cardboard waste removes the risk of contamination— an important factor as clean products generate a higher revenue than those spoiled with food waste, for example.

3. Eliminating waste-removal costs

Following on from point number one, minimising the volume of cardboard can have the added benefit of reduced waste removal costs.

In addition, installing a waste baler means you can stop disposing of waste cardboard in a bin or skip — which can be a costly method.

4. Freeing up space and reducing risks

Once cardboard is compacted, it will occupy much less valuable room on site and help to make savvier use of available space, while also reducing the risk of fires. In turn, this can safeguard your colleagues and create a more pleasant, tidy workspace to come to each day.

5. Fostering sustainability

Finally, as numerous businesses explore opportunities to conserve and protect the environment, many are turning to cardboard balers in a bid to make a positive contribution towards a circular economy.

If you’ve decided you’d like to transform your approach to cardboard waste handling, you’ve come to the right place. With so many waste machinery options available; it can be hard to know which product will best suit your needs. We offer a free waste handling audit, as part of our consultancy service. We know which questions to ask – all you have to do is provide us with the answers and we’ll do the hard work for you.

Get started with your cardboard waste handling today.