Landfill tax debates continues

Riverside Waste Machinery

For months the discussion surrounding the changes to landfill tax charges have continued to spark huge debates within the waste and recycling arena.

Back in May a coalition of waste firms urged ministers to rethink the controversial increase – an unbelievable 2,460% rise for some materials – arguing that for many small to medium-sized outfits this could mark the end of their operations.

Elsewhere some larger firms welcomed the decision to raise the tax on inert fines from £2.50 to £64 per tonne, suggesting that it would lead to more money being invested in technology to divert waste from landfill.

In more recent weeks we’ve seen dozens more articles highlighting the continuing despair being expressed by many skip hire and waste management companies. A large number of organisations are simply asking why there wasn’t more consultation on the matter, and why the HMRC didn’t seek the opinion of a greater number of industry experts.

Now we await news of further developments…

Landfill will always be a hot topic within the waste media, because ultimately we must look at ways to reduce the amount of material being disposed of in this manner. For years this has been one of the fundamental reasons that hundreds of clients have come to us wanting to procure a waste baler, and we have seen an influx of new enquiries since the issue of escalating charges has dominated the headlines in more recent times.

If dry recyclable packaging materials are recovered and baled, this ‘waste’ is diverted from landfill and companies can achieve cost savings as a result – some organisations are even able to generate an additional revenue stream.

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