Which waste baler consumables are right for my machine?

Which waste baler consumables are right for my machine?

With an extensive selection of waste baler consumables within our range, customers could be forgiven for not knowing which product is right for them. After all, baling tape, baling twine and baling wire all help to secure recycled materials into a neat and tidy bundle. But is one type of consumable better suited to specific balers than others?

Our service manager Barry Scanlon shares his thoughts…

Baler tape

Arguably the most popular waste baler consumable, baling tape is a low cost yet high quality product that secures recyclable materials in the right bale shape, without breaking the bank. It is neat, easy to use and available in a range of lengths, widths and breaking strains.

Baler tape is suitable for an array of vertical balers, which makes it among the most versatile consumable in the range.

Baler twine

Baling twine is the most traditional consumable, used to literally tie a bale together. Because it isn’t as easy to use as baling tape, twine tends to be the preferred product for operators that have always adopted this tying method. It is available with a breaking strain of 250kg, so it is strong, but it isn’t recommended for use with balers larger than the RWM250.

Baler wire

If you’re going to produce mill size bales of 400kg and above, we usually recommend baling wire. Baling tape can be used on mill size bales as an alternative, but, because wire is the strongest consumable available, it will ensure bales meet necessary industry standards and achieve maximum revenue streams. Baling wire is typically supplied in 25kg bundles, but the lengths can vary greatly depending on your requirements. A number of different breaking strains are also available.


Our low cost yet high quality baler consumables mean customers come back to us time and again for their baling tape, baling twine and baling wire. In fact, we guarantee you won’t find a cheaper like-for-like quote elsewhere. Contact us for a price and to find out about any current offers.