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Riverside Waste Machinery

Riverside Waste Machinery Ltd was called in by Avon & Somerset Police to be questioned (do not worry we are the good guys – honest) regarding a shredder for Marihuana Plants.

Avon & Somerset who have incinerated approximately 2.2 tons of drugs with a street value of £345,000.00 in the last year, were looking at installing a shredder which would deal with the drug problem but also be able to cope with other confiscated items, such as pirated DVD’s.

Working closely with the client Riverside/UNTHA were able to design and install an RS 30 UNTHA shredder with a dust extraction system, a dust filter unit and explosion relief panel.

Shredding of this material gives a significant reduction in the volume.

Contaminants are added to the shredded material to render the drug unusable and this is then sent to a CHP plant where it is used as fuel, which in turn is turned to power, and distributed onto the local grid.

The RS30 has proved a great success with the Avon & Somerset Police Force, and Riverside / UNTHA were happy to do their bit to help, in the fight against crime.