Baler of the month – September – RWM Drum Press

Baler of the month – September – RWM Drum Press

Although we know it’s technically not a ‘baler’ we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to highlight what is currently one of our best-selling machines! So, in this latest ‘baler of the month’ instalment, we ask Jonathan Oldfield – Riverside Waste Machinery’s MD – to explain the key features and benefits of the RWM Drum Press

Describe this machine in one sentence:

The compact drum press is a neat waste handling solution that can achieve a 10:1 compaction ratio.

What type of organisations use it?

The machine is suitable for businesses of all types and sizes, and can be either purchased or hired, making it a really economical investment.   

What materials can it handle?

With a 24-tonne press force packed into the tidy hydraulic equipment, this press can quickly and easily compact light steel drums or rolling hoop barrels of up to 205 litres.

What are the machine’s dimensions?

2520 x 1190 x 1000mm (H x W x D)

What happens if there are any residual liquids left within the drums/barrels?

Designed to reduce organisations’ waste management costs and storage constraints, residual fluids discharged during compaction are collected in a 30 litre tank – which can simply be drained through an integral tap when full.

Is a warranty included?

Yes, a 12 month full parts and labour warranty is included as standard, and optional service and maintenance packages are also available.

Describe this machine in 3 words:

Affordable, tidy, revolutionary!

Where can you find out more information about this machine?

Please view our product page to access extra detail and a machine specification download, watch the machine in action with our video, or read how the drum press can be modified to meet clients’ specific requirements, with Momentive Performance Materials a perfect example. People are also welcome to call us on 01423 325038 for an informal chat or they can email [email protected].

Look out for our next baler of the month feature in October, or follow us on Twitter for our latest news updates and offers.