Riverside supports Thrombosis UK fundraising campaign

Riverside supports Thrombosis UK fundraising campaign

Social media users may have started to see a new fundraising initiative sweeping across their screens. The #3THANKS campaign is a 2015 fundraising drive for the hard-working charity Thrombosis UK (formerly Lifeblood), and Riverside is fully on board!

Organised by Huddersfield-based Scriba PR, the initiative is encouraging as many individuals as possible to donate just £3, via text, in honour of three special people in their lives.

The #3THANKS are made in the form of social media shout outs (with optional selfies) via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. With some people giving thanks to individuals who have changed their lives or been a real support during times of need, other #3thanks are much more light hearted! Drinking buddies, sporting team mates and patient siblings, are just some of the recipients of recent praise!

The word is being spread by nominating others, sharing the #3THANKS on social media, and via good old fashioned word of mouth. But the crucial part of the fundraising initiative lies in texting TTFT50 £3 to 70070 to donate that all-important £3 to Thrombosis UK.

#3thanks was started by Scriba PR’s founder Katie Mallinson, who was diagnosed with a serious blood clot (deep vein thrombosis – DVT) in March 2014. She raised £2,210 for Thrombosis UK (then Lifeblood) last August, and is now continuing her support for the charity.

Every year, an estimated 500,000 people die from a VTE (venous thromboembolism) in Europe alone. This is undoubtedly because awareness of blood clots – their causes, symptoms, treatment and the dangers – is worryingly low.

That said, Thrombosis UK recently reported that this country has greater VTE awareness than any other nation, according to a recent international poll. Commenting on this news, Katie said: “It just goes to show how hard this charity is working to save lives in the UK. But still more needs to be done. I hope as many people as possible will support #3thanks, to raise money for this very worthwhile cause.”

The current popularity of #3THANKS is well timed, as October is a key awareness raising month. More information can be found about Thrombosis UK and World Thrombosis Day (October 13) on http://www.thrombosis-charity.org.uk. Follow the campaign on Twitter @_3Thanks or by searching #3THANKS. You can also visit the Facebook page www.facebook.com/3thanks