An interview with MRW on baler trends

An interview with MRW on baler trends

Recently, MRW magazine interviewed Jonathan Oldfield, Riverside Waste Machinery’s MD, on the topic of baler trends. If you missed the article, catch up on his thoughts here…

What recent evolutions have there been in balers and baler technology?

One of the newest advancements in baling technology has been the production of machines with reduced energy usage and noise emittance – both key environmental factors. Certainly, these are both part of the drive and focus behind the entire range of Riverside machinery.

What are the most commonly asked questions about balers from prospective users?

The most commonly-asked question surrounds who will collect the bales and what they will sell for, as ROI is a major factor in the purchase of baling equipment. Also, if businesses commit to a certain supplier and machine, they want to know that they are getting a genuine solution to their problem – such as a means of efficiently handling excess waste in the factory.

People also ask whether the balers can go outside, and the answer is yes – ours are all IP55-rated, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

…And what are the most common mis-conceptions?

It is wrongly assumed that balers are too expensive, take up a lot of space and are time-consuming to use, which are all misconceptions. We offer rental plans or refurbished machines to reduce cost, compact models for space-saving and if the machine is located as close to the point of production as possible, this lowers the level of material handling – making the process more efficient. It’s also worth noting that our machines are easy to feed and have a cycle time as quick as only 20 seconds!

How do you ensure users are fully aware and briefed on proper machinery use, care and safety requirements?

We offer detailed training at the point of delivery of the machine, and review this automatically every two years. In addition, we stay in touch with our clients – and any engineer on site will notice any misuse and ensure this is flagged immediately.

Which sectors are currently showing most interest in balers and what is driving this?

Typically, the manufacturing sectors remain the most interested in balers – this is on a wide spectrum and is still strong, despite Brexit. Companies are still driven by space, efficiency, environment and cost.