Used waste balers proving a hit

Riverside Waste Machinery

There are a number of factors currently driving the procurement of recycling and waste management equipment. Firstly, machinery such as waste balers must be fit for purpose and capable of supporting organisations’ environmental strategies. In this respect, Riverside boasts the UK’s most extensive range of vertical waste balers plus a growing selection of semi-automatic horizontal baling presses – in other words, there is a solution to suit every waste handling scenario.

The technology needs to be affordable too, which is why Riverside offers clients a range of flexible finance options, to satisfy varied cash flows and balance sheet requirements.

And, in a crowded marketplace full of seemingly similar machinery, clients benefit from the advice and expertise of an industry expert, capable of solving a recycling problem with minimal hassle. That’s why Riverside’s waste management consultancy service is proving increasingly popular.

It certainly seems like Riverside ticks all the boxes. But our level of support doesn’t stop there, because we’ve found another way to help even more organisations take control of their packaging waste.

Our waste balers are incredibly robust which means, even after a long and successful life with one firm, they can keep baling and baling for years to come. That’s why we buy and sell used balers. The benefits are numerous:  

  • We offer an even more affordable way to procure this valuable waste machinery
  • We preserve the life of this perfectly functionality technology, which supports the philosophy of the circular economy
  • Organisations can trade in their baler, upgrade to a new machine, purchase the consumables they need and even book a service, all with the same supplier – it couldn’t be more headache-free.

It’s perhaps no wonder the used balers segment of our business is proving such a hit. Managing director Jonathan Oldfield comments: “In the same way that many organisations want to own their baler outright, some will only ever want to purchase new technologies.

“However, there are a vast number of firms who are thinking outside the box and looking for used waste balers that they know will continue to perform for a number of years. Perhaps the trend for investing in pre-owned machinery is taking shape as a result of the circular economy. Perhaps it’s also got something to do with us thinking about our purchases – or rentals – a little differently following the recession.

“Whatever the reason, it seems that used waste balers are of great interest for a number of businesses. Keen to offer clients as many options as possible it therefore makes sense for us to focus on the development of this service, as well as brand new machines.

“Our warehouse is currently well stocked with used waste balers, but they don’t tend to stick around for long. We price them incredibly competitively, plus they’re available to buy, rent or hire, which means they attract a lot of interest. I’d encourage anyone currently considering their next baler investment, to take a look.”

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