Riverside’s 2017 highlights

Riverside’s 2017 highlights

We always knew 2017 would be momentous for Riverside – after all it was the year we marked our 20th anniversary. But if we look back on the last 12 months there have been a number of highlights we’ve enjoyed as a team.

·       We’ve welcomed new faces on board, with the appointment of Karen and Mick. They both quickly settled in to life at our North Yorkshire HQ and made an immediate impact on the service we deliver to our growing customer base. We now couldn’t imagine life without them!

·       And we also said a fond farewell to a very familiar face at Riverside – long-standing director Debbie. It was of course sad to see her go, but she was overwhelmed with the well-wishes that flooded in ahead of her retirement. She’s now enjoying life with her two dogs, ever-growing number of grandchildren, motor home and newly-purchased bicycle! It’s safe to say she’s far from bored!

·       Mindful of clients’ changing requirements – not to mention budget – we launched a baler hire service which has been extremely well received. Giving customers access to the same machinery, but via a fixed monthly fee rather than a one-off lump sum payment, we opened up the market and provided a greater degree of choice in an industry that has always been quite rigid in its procurement offering.

·       We also recently unveiled the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ with our waste baler demonstration service. If you haven’t yet heard about that, check out our blog to find out how you can put our equipment through its paces.

·       And, at the same time as introducing all of these new services, we wouldn’t be a very innovative company if we stood still on the technology front. We therefore launched a new low height waste baler this Autumn, specifically for space-constrained sites. You can learn more about the RWM 300LH here.

·       There have been new clients aplenty, and many have hit the media headlines for the innovative things they’ve been doing with our waste baling technology. One of the most recent examples of this is local customer Techbuyer – a company that has impressed industry journalists with their use of the RWM 500 mill size baler. Another installation story that proved particularly popular on our website was the tale of a baler supplied in bite-sized pieces to a Manchester restaurant.

·       Our most popular machine from the past 12 months has been the RWM 500 mill size baler. We’ve also attracted a surprising amount of interest in the small but mighty RWM 60HD for tough recycling applications, and the RWM Drum Press, (particularly as Momentive’s cost-saving story spread throughout the industry).

·       In terms of services, our operator training scheme has been, by far, the after sales offering that has got most people talking. More and more organisations are recognising the need to upskill and maintain the development of their staff, and given our training is so affordable, it’s bonkers to overlook the opportunity to learn about safer operations, sequence error troubleshooting, basic maintenance regimes and baling do’s and don’ts, for as little as £50!

And these are just some of the highlights – it’s impossible to list everything. We hope you have all had an equally jam-packed 2017 and can look back on the year proud of the challenges you’ve resolved, the achievements you’ve secured and the milestones you’ve marked as a team. Here’s to an even more exciting 2018 for us all!