Momentum needed for UK to hit 2020 recycling targets

Riverside Waste Machinery

All of our recycling efforts are paying off it seems. When analysing recycling rates from the last ten years, the UK is reported to have recorded a faster rate increase than any other EU member state. In real terms this means that, if this annual rate of increase can be maintained until 2020, we will, as a nation, achieve the milestone 50% MSW recycling target that we are legally bound by.

Such a revelation should inspire us all to maintain the environmentally responsible practices that we have begun to adopt in our homes. We cannot afford to lose momentum now at this crucial stage.

Industry magazine MRW highlighted last week that the household recycling rate for England stalled at 43% last year – the same figure we recorded for 2011/12. Whilst we still outperformed many of our European neighbours, achievement of the 2020 target will pose an incredibly large hurdle for us if our recycling performance remains stagnant.

So we need to keep at it!  Recycle Week celebrates its 10th anniversary this June, so why don’t we mark this achievement by really giving our recycling efforts a push in 2013.