Topic UK’s ‘Out of Office’ with Jonathan Oldfield

Topic UK’s ‘Out of Office’ with Jonathan Oldfield

Recently, our MD Jonathan Oldfield appeared in Topic UK, discussing what he does when his out of office is on! If you missed the article, catch it in full here…


You arrive home on Friday night after a busy week. What’s the first thing you do?


I go straight to my two kids and give them a kiss, before enjoying some quality playtime and then getting them to bed – it’s the little things!


It’s time for the weekend. What are we most likely to find you doing, and where?


On a Friday evening, I like to catch up with an old friend. We’ll have a few beers together at one of our houses – and put the world to rights!


On Saturday, my wife and I enjoy some time together with the children. You’ll generally find us at the swimming pool, in the park, or on a nice walk – anything that helps to burn off some energy!


Saturday night arrives. What’s your idea of the perfect way to spend it?


Well, I have to admit that Saturday nights are behind me now – too much alcohol means I’m out of action for the entire following day!


I tend to sit in front of the television with my wife – chatting about anything and everything – while enjoying a takeaway and a nice drink or two. That’s more my style now.


It’s Sunday already. What tasks are usually on your ‘to-do’ list?


It depends on what’s required – I’m always keen to do some DIY, or help with the cleaning and washing in the house. Sunday is a ‘chores day’ – but we also spend the mornings out and about with the kids.


We’re National Trust members, so we will often set off to a venue such as Fountains Abbey for a stroll and some lunch, weather dependant of course.


We go through stages when it comes to food. We might cook a Sunday dinner, have the family round, or visit a local restaurant for a meal out. Also, I’m a huge fan of the BBQ, come rain or shine – or snow! – so any excuse for me to cook outside is brilliant.


Work again tomorrow. Do you get the Sunday blues or look forward to getting back – and why?


No, I don’t get the blues over going back to work – if I’ve had a disagreeable weekend, it can be quite the opposite!


Seriously though, I believe the balance of work and home life brings with it a nice mixture – although an extra day at the weekend wouldn’t go amiss!


The weekend’s almost over. What’s the last thing you do before you hit the hay ahead of another week?


My strategy planning for the week ahead, as I like the process of getting ready for business as usual and a fresh Monday morning!