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RWM Bin Press – 240 litres

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    About machine

    With businesses still producing vast quantities of recyclable materials, but waste collection costs continuing to rise, the RWM Bin Press has never been so popular. So, we’ve introduced a new smaller piece of kit into our waste machinery range, perfect for compacting the contents of a standard 240 litre wheelie bin, with ease.

    With a press force of up to 2 tonnes, the operator simply positions the bin under the compaction plate, so that wet and dry recyclables can be compressed to a 5:1 ratio in as little as 20 seconds. This quick and simple volume reduction process means a greater amount of materials will fit in the bin, before a collection is required.

    And the result? More space, tidier sites and – perhaps most importantly – cost savings reaching thousands of pounds per year. The payback period for this neat little electro-hydraulic machine is very impressive indeed!


    • Press force – 2 tonnes
    • Cycle time – 20 seconds
    • Noise Level – 70 decibels
    • Machine weight – 234kg
    • Compaction ratio – 5:1
    • Power Supply – 13amp 1.5kW-230V-50Hz
    • Overall Dimensions – 2360 x 780 x 780mm

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    Our Aftersales Care

    A number of organisations – especially those making the first step to improve their waste handling capabilities – are a little apprehensive about what happens after their investment in a waste baler. What if their plant manager gets a new job and there’s a knowledge gap? What if they make a mistake and a small repair is needed? These worries are perhaps natural, but there’s really nothing to panic about.

    Firstly, our waste balers are incredibly easy to use, but secondly, our baling engineers will be with you every step of the way, long after the initial procurement. Providing training, service and maintenance expertise, spare parts or simply a waste handling review, we’ll help you maximise the return from your investment, for years to come.

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