Riverside waste baler supplied in kit-form jigsaw

Riverside waste baler supplied in kit-form jigsaw

They say great things come in small packages. Well, we actually think they come in packages of all shapes and sizes.

You only have to look at our baler range to see that there are some pretty fantastic, pretty whopper machines on offer, with our mill size models for example.

But at the other end of the scale there are some compact balers with really neat footprints. They’re designed to save space in constrained commercial and recycling environments, whilst still delivering the same ‘green’ benefits.

However, the footprint of a machine isn’t the only thing a client needs to consider when choosing the right machine for their operation.

When we recently sold a waste baler to a high quality restaurant in the centre of Manchester, for example, the challenge wasn’t the availability of space itself. It was getting the machine into the space in the first place!

Tucked away down one of the city’s streets, the restaurant greets diners through a very typical front door. But this front door isn’t something that a RWM40 can squeeze through.

With no other entrance options, we therefore supplied the baler in kit form. That meant handy little, easy-to-manoeuvre packages, which could be brought into the restaurant without a struggle. Then an engineer simply assembled all the pieces of the jigsaw, once they were inside and in position.

Many clients don’t even know this is possible. But it just goes to show that you don’t need to have a large service door or warehouse shutter, to welcome your baler into your business.

Whether your business is looking for a compact machine for low to medium volume applications, a mill size baler or a heavy duty model for particularly tough recyclables, talk to us about what’s possible… don’t forget our balers are available to purchase outright or hire!

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