Baler of the month – Cardboard balers

Baler of the month – Cardboard balers

In this next instalment of our ‘baler of the month’ feature, we’ve switched things up a bit! Due to a marked increase in the request for this type of machine, here Jonathan Oldfield – Riverside Waste Machinery’s MD – looks at the various capabilities of our cardboard baler range…

Which models are capable of handling cardboard?

For low volumes, we have the RWM40 and RWM60.

For low to medium volumes, it’s the RWM75, RWM100 and RWM150.

For medium volumes, we have the RWM250 and RWM300 LH.

For medium to high volumes, we recommend the RWM400.

And for high volumes, it’s the RWM500, RWM500 LH, RWM600, RWM HZ50T and RWM HZ70T.

Which type of organisations use cardboard balers?

Suited to businesses handling cardboard, regardless of the amount, Riverside’s clients include schools, warehouses, prisons, hospitals, manufacturers, distribution outlets, retailers, offices and hotels, to name a few.

What if there are space restrictions when using cardboard balers on a site?

Due to the large range of cardboard balers available, we have an option to suit just about everyone! Our compact machines – such as the RWM40 – are great for businesses with limited space for example, and we even offer low-height machines, such as the RWM300 LH, or RWM 500 LH.

What bale weights can the cardboard balers produce?

Weights range from small bales of 40kg, to large bales of up to 650kg.

What consumables are required to produce bales with this type of machine?

Baling tape, twine or wire products are suitable, depending on the specific cardboard baler used. All these consumables are in stock, are available in various quantities via our online shop, and are competitively priced.

Is a warranty included?

Yes, a 12 month full parts and labour warranty is included as standard for all cardboard balers, and optional service and maintenance packages are also available.

Describe these machines in 3 words:

A must-have!

Where can you find out more information about Riverside’s cardboard balers?

By visiting the cardboard balers page on our website, or by contacting us directly. People are welcome to call us on 01423 325038 for an informal chat or they can email [email protected] to outline their requirements in more detail.

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