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To Shred or not to Shred your Confidential Waste

Chris Oldfield considers the UK market for confidential waste, and shares with you his expert opinion...Are companies still going to shredding specialists for their kit or are they starting to go elsewhere?Have there been any changes in the way confidential waste is being dealt with?Is there more/less of it?I would confidently say that companies are still turning to shredding specialists, not just for technology, but for the additional expertise they...

The Potential of Refuse Derived Fuel

As tempting as it may be in a recession to ignore EU landfill diversion initiatives while we struggle for economic stability, the current unprecedented pressures on the Government and waste management industry to find alternative solutions for utilising waste, are not about to disappear.It is now more than ten years since the EU Landfill Directive brought in tough new requirements to reduce the amount of biodegradable municipal waste being sent to landfill. Driven by the need to minimi...

Riverside Welcomes Interest in RDF

Since unveiling revolutionary new technology for the processing of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) last September, Riverside Waste Machinery has been busy dealing with the exceptionally positive interest shown in its new product range.“We were pretty confident that the new UNTHA TR series would be well received but are absolutely thrilled with just how much of a stir it has caused,” commented Riverside’s managing director Chris Oldfield.“Europe has the largest ...

Riverside Reveals Revolutionary Waste Technology at RWM

Riverside Waste Machinery – the specialist shredding and baling equipment supplier – is to unveil a revolutionary new concept for the processing of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) substances, at the UK’s biggest recycling and waste management exhibition.Riverside – the UK’s sole distributor of UNTHA’S prestigious waste shredding technology – will partner with the Austrian manufacturer at the RWM (Recycling and Waste Management) exhibition which takes place at the NE...

British Super Bike Championship

Earlier this year Riverside was approached by Joseph who was looking for sponsorship to help him continue his dream of competing in the British Super Bike Championship. Up against some of the top riders in the country he is competing in all 13 rounds, and has continued to improve his performance with every round so far. This weekend (11th/12th August'07) at Croft Joseph showed his grit determination to make it through all the 13 rounds, by finishing in the Top 20, much to the delight of his f...

Which DOPE Lights Up Your Day?

Riverside Waste Machinery Ltd was called in by Avon & Somerset Police to be questioned (do not worry we are the good guys - honest) regarding a shredder for Marihuana Plants.Avon & Somerset who have incinerated approximately 2.2 tons of drugs with a street value of £345,000.00 in the last year, were looking at installing a shredder which would deal with the drug problem but also be able to cope with other confiscated items, such as pirated DVD’s.Working closely with t...

Our aftersales support

A number of organisations – especially those making the first step to improve their waste handling capabilities – are a little apprehensive about what happens after their investment in a waste baler. What if their plant manager gets a new job and there’s a knowledge gap? What if they make a mistake and a small repair is needed? These worries are perhaps natural, but there’s really nothing to panic about.

Firstly, our waste balers are incredibly easy to use, but secondly, our baling engineers will be with you every step of the way, long after the initial procurement. Providing training, service and maintenance expertise, spare parts or simply a waste handling review, we’ll help you maximise the return from your investment, for years to come.

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